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Living Leadership

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Living Leadership: Online Learning

With the training you took with The Leadership Group, you used the powerful skills of strategy, coaching, creative conversations and learning to notice patterns in your thoughts, actions and results. Living Leadership helps you continue that process. 

Living Leadership Keeps You Connected to Our Training Program


You started an amazing journey with The Leadership Group's training, but want to stay connected to that journey to continue your learning and growth. Living Leadership is for The Leadership Group's training participants who need, want and deserve to stay engaged in this learning. Living Leadership will help you to continue to uncover and conquer those challenges that have been blocking you.  


Living Leadership includes:

  1. Exclusive, member-only access
  2. Weekly leadership video with The Leadership Group
  3. Real-time Q&A
  4. Regular leadership practices
  5. Feedback and insight
  6. Group learning
  7. Live events
  8. Special offers and discounts


$19.99/month or $197/year
Keep your training from The Leadership Group alive and evolving by staying plugged into a like-minded community of leaders striving for personal mastery.


Objectives and Learning Promise

  • Heighten awareness of your reactions and the emotions of others
  • Continue to shift your thinking from authoritative to collaborative
  • Limit defeatest self-talk, shame, blame and guilt
  • More easily adapt to unexpected problems 
  • Support others to move from reactive to creative impulses to improve relationships
  • Continue to evolve a connected and supportive environment
  • Limit stress responses and learn to better understand others' emotional triggers
  • Clarify core personal values and more quickly catch yourself when your awareness is blocked
  • Continue “leading from the inside out” 
  • Practice direct “thought work” with peers, helping them better understand and communicate their emotions
  • Learn how to recognize your “untold story” and distill it in the moment



  • Develop an ongoing, supportive network of like-minded leaders
  • Feel good and move forward even in the unpredictable and hectic situations
  • Find strategies to adapt to life’s ups and downs
  • Avoid unhealthy conversations and relationships
  • Experience less stress and more joy every day

This program is for you if:

  • You've already taken part in a learning experience with The Leadership Group
  • You want to continue to improve relationships and achieve better results
  • You are committed to continuous development
  • You understand that together we are better

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