Half Day Team/Group Coaching
The Leadership Group

Half Day Team/Group Coaching

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Our Team/Group coaching stream provides conscious leadership and communication skills to strengthen attention, awareness and capacity as individuals and as a team. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Conscious practices for handling stress that one feels personally and stress related to others/work-related busyness,
  • The role of empathy in leadership, positive influence and performance
  • The role of conscious communication especially during change, conflict, chaos and the impact on fear, resistance and anxiety that can get in the way of performance

We will be facilitating a process for self-awareness and conscious communication such that each participant can walk away with the following:

  • Understanding how to best manage internal stress reactions in the workplace and beyond
  • How to communicate when you meet resistance or conflict, in a way to keep the flow of conversation moving and to keep people open and receptive
  • Immersive practice and application of leadership tools and techniques during the final two ½ days with the entire team
  • Ongoing guidance, feedback and course corrections to allow mastery of the leadership and coaching skills
All half day sessions can be customized to meet organizational goals.