SunRISE CommUNITY - A Breakfast Networking Party May 3, 2019
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SunRISE CommUNITY - A Breakfast Networking Party May 3, 2019

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We are privileged to meet and work with wonderful people every day. We believe you are one of them, doing special things in the world, and we'd love to invite you to meet others like you.

Are you looking for a place where you can be yourself, test out fresh ideas, infuse some inspiration into your work(life)? Do you find yourself too busy to connect and reflect? Are you tired of putting yourself last? Interested in connecting with more like-minded people?

Allow yourself to get off the busy treadmill, to rejuvenate your mind and take fresh perspectives back to the office. Join our SunRise CommUNITY learning event!

These events are about unapologetically putting yourself first so you can continue to do great things in the world and inspire others. It is about connecting, relating, questioning and fun-ing:). It is about creative and courageous conversations cushioned by deep respect and authenticity.

It’s NOT boring or awkward or pretentious.

We’ve created SunRise CommUNITY as a fun and amplifying learning series to bring like-souled people together to expand and stimulate your thinking and lives - with passion and purpose.

SunRISE CommUNITY: the most meaningful networking party you'll ever wake up to!

  • Flowing beats and meaningful conversations.  
  • Tantalizing tastes and concepts.
  • Brief talks and big insights.
  • Shared plates, successes and challenges.
  • Humans, being.


Theme: Trust


Get to know more people whose approach to life aligns with yours. Be challenged. Challenge conventional. Spread the word and hear new ones.

Get your tickets here. This IS a business event that will enhance your personal leadership and organizational effectiveness!


If you know someone who would both contribute to and gain from this experience, please share with them so they can register.


Dale and Trevor