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Team Learning

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With The Leadership Group your team will learn to overcome stress and conflict to improve engagement, performance and workplace wellness. Our talks heighten self-awareness, provide practical how-to's and actionable insights that will transform your team from good to great!

Talk #1 - Healthy Workplace: From Conflict and Chaos to Calm and Creativity

In our “always-on” culture, we are so busy and have little time for the reflection needed to evolve conflicts in a way that dissolves destructive power dynamics and allows for creative ideas to flourish.  In this introductory session, you will learn antidotes to free up the tension you experience during conflict, to allow you and others to ‘feel’ heard,  to move from stuck to unstuck, and to experience conflict as a creative process.

This talk addresses some of the following questions:

  • How often do you hide from or shrink during conflict only to find yourself question what could have been done, or said to make things better?
  • What stops you from responding in a way that gets your and others’ needs met?
  • How much energy and time is lost because of differences due to conflicting views?
  • What if you could respond in the “heat” of conflict in healthy and productive ways to keep the flow of ideas and work, moving?

Talk #2 - Healthy Workplace: Stress-less

How many times have you stressed about a deadline, what your colleague or boss has said, what you wish you had done or hadn’t done? What does stressing do to your energy? How does your stress impact your thoughts and behaviours?

While some stress is helpful in getting us moving, our busy-ness has our minds and brains on high alert and in ‘always-on’ mode, often causing us to skip the much needed moments of reflective, self-awareness to allow for calm during chaos. When we experience high pressure and high demands, our inner world is taking on more and more: judging and assessing, pushing and striving to be our best, be first, bring value. Our reaction to stress often pulls at our internal resources and we can find ourselves feeling exhausted, frustrated and even teetering on burnout.

In this session, you will become aware of the insights needed to become more present to your response to stress, your coping mechanisms and create new ways to navigate stress to:

  • Be more productive
  • Have more enjoyable work days
  • Better use and preserve your energy